Client Role

The 2015 CDM Regulations introduce several new duties and responsibilities that were not previously required of construction Clients.

These new duties do not simply stop at appointing a ‘Principal Designer” in lieu of a CDM Co-ordinator. The new Regulations require that Clients pick up several of the duties previously undertaken by the CDM Co-ordinator on their behalf.

The C-MIST ‘Client Advisor (CDM)’ Role

Prior to the appointment of a Principal Contractor
• Assess Principal Contractor’s skills, knowledge and experience to determine contractor’s competency.

During Pre-Construction Phase
• Advise and assist the Client to ensure that the arrangements made by the Principal Contractor/Principal Designer for managing health and safety during the pre-construction phase are efficient.

During Construction Phase
• Ensure on behalf of the Client:
– The Construction Phase Plan is in place;
– The welfare facilities are in place;
– The HSE management arrangements are adequate.
• Assist the Client/HSE Advisor (as appropriate) in completing and carrying out site visits.
• Take reasonable steps to ensure that Principal Designer/Principal Contractor is complying with their duties. ‘Client Advisor (CDM)’ will undertake routine monitoring of construction phase activities (as appropriate).
• Check completion and handover arrangement on behalf of the Client.
• Liaise with the Principal Contractor/Principal Designer on behalf of the Client;
• Check that the Health and Safety File has been prepared and contains the information needed to ensure the Health and Safety of each individual carrying out any future construction, demolition, cleaning or maintenance work.

Client Duties

The Client must check that any designer or contractor being appointed has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to carry out the work in a way that ensures Health and Safety of those involved or associated with project.

Provide Pre Construction Information to every designer and contractor appointed or being considered for appointment.
Make suitable arrangements for managing a project including the allocation of sufficient time and resource.
Ensure that CDM arrangements are maintained and reviewed throughout the project.
Ensure that the contractor has the prescribed welfare facilities in place before work starts.
Give Notice to the Health and Safety Executive via Form F10.
Where one or more contractor will be involved, appoint a Principal Designer.
Ensure that the Principal Designer fulfills their role and complies with their duties.
Where one or more contractor will be involved, appoint a Principal Contractor.
Ensure that the Principal Contractor complies with their duties.
Ensure that before the construction phase begins an adequate/suitable construction phase plan is drawn up by the contractor or Principal Contractor.
Ensure that a Health and Safety File is prepared for the project.

C-MIST Support

C-MIST will undertake a review of the design team and tendering contractor’s competences against the standards set out within the 2015 regulations and advise the Client.
C-MIST will identify, collate and disseminate the Pre Construction Information at relevant project stages.
C-MIST will advise as to suitable arrangements for managing Health and Safety on a project.
C-MIST will monitor and review these CDM arrangements throughout the project.
C-MIST will agree suitable arrangements with the contractor on behalf of the client and also visit site to ensure welfare facilities are installed in place if requested.
C-MIST will prepare and issue an F10 notification to the HSE on the Client’s behalf.
C-MIST will undertake a review of the Principal Designer’s competence and provide advice on when the Principal Designer should be appointed.
C-MIST can attend design team meetings and review the Principal Designer’s audit trail to ensure they are carrying out their duties under CDM Regulations.
C-MIST will advise the Client on the requirement to appoint a competent Principal Contractor and will ensure any appointment covers the requirements of the CDM Regulations.
C-MIST will ensure the Principal Contractor complies with their duties through liaison, site visits and auditing where necessary.
C-MIST will issue Pre-Construction Information, to ensure that the Principal Contractor produces an adequate Construction Phase Plan for Health and Safety.
C-MIST will ensure that the plan is suitable for managing Health and Safety for the development and its surroundings.
C-MIST will ensure that the Principal Contactor produces a Health and Safety file in accordance with a pre agreed format.