The Principal Contractor Role

The revision of the CDM Regulations in 2015 removed the requirement for a CDM-Coordinator and allocated new duties to the Principal Contractor.

The CDM Principal Contractor is classed as the ‘individual or business in control of the Construction Phase of a project.

The Principal Contractor is responsible for the planning, managing, monitoring and co-ordination of health and safety aspects of the Construction Phase, fully taking into account the ‘principles of prevention’ at all stages. These duties were previously performed by the CDM Co-ordinator.

A Principal Contractor must be appointed on any construction project where it is reasonably foreseeable that more than one contractor will be involved or on a Design and Build Project.

The role of the Principal Contractor (PC) will require the PC to take on additional duties in relation to the Health and Safety management of not only their own works bur liaising with designers and other contractors to ensure the ongoing construction phase health and safety is proportional and representative of the works being carried out for the duration of the project.

Throughout the project the PC has a duty to collect/collate information from all the contractors (and his own works) on site for inclusion in the Health and Safety File. The file is to provide relevant safety information to any future person who may wish to carry out any refurbishment, construction, maintenance, cleaning or demolition of the finished structure.