Qualitative Face Fit

Course description

Company’s that issue RPE (Respiratory Protective Equipment/Dust Masks) have to train users in the correct manner of using such equipment.
Aim and objectives of the course
The main aims of the course will be to instruct delegates on the correct method and procedures for applying/wearing RPE/Dust Masks.

Course content

• Review of legislation
• Information to be given to face piece wearers
• Equipment and preparation
• Sensitivity test procedures
• Fitting procedures
• Practical test

The course will be presented using PowerPoint presentation and appropriate videos to emphasise points on face fit procedures. Practical instruction will also be given on the correct fitting methods.
Course assessment

A practical face fit test will also be carried out by the delegates so as to show their competence.
Course venue

This course can be run on the clients’ premises, sites, or at a pre-arranged venue.
• Information
Duration: ½ Days
Size: 3 –10

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