Slinger / Signaller

This course has been developed and designed for candidates who have had no training in the systems and procedures involved in slinging loads or signalling.
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CDM Training

CDM courses

Banksman Techniques

Useful for anyone with responsibility for safely directing the movement of plant, equipment or materials within the work area. The course will be presented using overhead projector presentation and appropriate videos to emphasise points on safety.
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Office Safety

Useful for anyone carrying out work in an office environment and requiring basic information on the hazards and legislation’s covering office work.
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Fire Safety in Construction Work for Operatives

The course has been developed to provide Contractors with the necessary knowledge and skills to satisfy their fire safety responsibilities within construction projects.
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Fire Safety Induction Course

The aim of the course is to provide all employees with the necessary fire safety training to satisfy the requirements of the Fire Precautions Act 1971, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992. It achieves this by training all employees on the actions to be taken in the event of a fire.
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Fire Wardens Training Course

This training is designed for appointed fire wardens, to enable them to carry out their duties effectively. This training fulfils the employer’s duty to provide training as required by the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997. The training will provide fire wardens with a detailed knowledge and understanding of fire safety, which will allow them to undertake their duties effectively.
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Fire Risk Assessment

The course has been developed to equip Senior Managers and other personnel with fire safety responsibilities with necessary knowledge and skills to satisfy their fire safety responsibilities.
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Site Management Safety Training Scheme (2-Day Refresher)

A refresher course for Directors, Managers and supervisors who have attended the five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme course since 01 January 2001.
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Qualitative Face Fit

If you provide respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to your employees then it is essential that you have documentary evidence to show the RPE fits the wearer. By subjecting each wearer to a face-fit test you can be sure that your organisation is fulfilling the requirements laid out in the Health & Safety Executives (HSE) guidance note HSE 282/28
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Managing Safely

Managing Safely is for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s policy and best practice in Health and Safety. Managing Safely comprises seven core modules requiring a total direct input period of at least 24 hours plus assessment time. The delivery can be spread over a convenient time span. One organisation-specific module may be added if required.

It aims to equip managers, supervisors and others with the knowledge to implement appropriate management control of health & safety.
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First Aid at Work

The First aid at work training course provides the comprehensive set of practical skills needed by first aiders in most workplaces to become a confident first aider at work. Giving both the ability and knowledge to deal with first aid emergencies. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations. This course is designed for people who want to receive our most thorough first aid training.
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First Aid at Work (Refresher)

The first aid at work requalification training course updates the first aid skills of those who need to renew their First Aid at work certificate. This course is for people wishing to renew a valid First aid at work certificate, the course aims to update and refresh your knowledge of the First aid at work syllabus, while allowing time for revision and practice sessions in preparation for a written assessment.
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First Aid At Work (Appointed person)

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require that in order to provide first aid to their employees who are injured or become ill at work, employers must have adequate and appropriate equipment,facilitiesandpersonnel.
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Working at Heights

The course is for managers, supervisors and other responsible for working at height operations within the work environments.
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